Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Still Here!

Updates to come very soon! It's all good...

Monday, August 24, 2009

Ist Day of Kindergarten

Today was Cullen's first day of Kindergarten. We went Friday night to meet the teacher,so we could see his school. We know his teacher well. She is our neighbor. I am friends with her, and Cullen plays with her daughter who also started kindergarten today.

He has been so excited all summer. He has asked numerous times how many more days until kindergarten? This mornig Brent and I took him with his new backpack,lunchbox, clothes, and shoes into his new school. He was smiling from ear to ear. We got to his classroom, and he bacame a little nervous. We took all the pictures.(I am picture crazy.) We gave him hugs and kisses, and then it was ime to go. Mom had a few tears. He was fine...

Cullen is growing to be an incredible boy. Everyday he amazes us with his conversations and love. We are blessed to have such a terrific son. We love you!!!

When he got home this afternoon, he knocked on his friend's doors to see how their days went and called his cousin Matthew. He is the sweetest thing!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

I'll remember you...

On our way to swim lessons today, a man ran a red light and nearly caused us all to wreck. Cullen asked me what just happened, so I explained that the man ran the red light.

This is what Cullen got out of the situation:
"You should never run red lights, or you will go to jail. See mama if you ran a red light the cops would stop you and take you to jail. If you went to jail I would look at pictures of you all the time so I would remember you. So don't worry. I will remember you while you are in jail."


When Jennifer wakes up from a nap, she yells until someone gets her. On this day I heard her one time and then it stopped. I waited then heard lots of laughing. This is what I found when I went upstairs! Cullen had climbed into bed with her!


Loving her babies

Chillin or is she planning something?

She was planning for Cullen to kiss the baby!

Behind bars

Cutie Pie!

Cullen kept shutting his eyes in every picture so he held them open.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Waterpark Tuesday!

We started swimming lessons last week. Both the kids became very sick, so we only made one day last week. We made it everyday this week, and they love it. One more week to go!

There is a small waterpark at the place where they take swim class. I took Cullen when he was smaller, and he was not sure about it. So, he has been begging to go this summer. We went Tuesday, and both kids had a great time. Cullen was all over the place, and Jennifer was right behind him(I was right behind her.) When we first got there I could not get one picture of them. These pictures were taken as the park was getting ready to close. Yes, we shut it down!

Here comes the water!

Did you call me?

Jennifer yelling "Hello!"

Cullen chillin!

How much longer do we have?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Just Jennifer

Ms. Jennifer likes to wear Cullen's underwear. She will get it out of the laundry and out of his draw. She insists that it must be worn. She has his Halloween undies on over her outfit in these pictures. The other night she would not sleep in her pajama bottoms. It had to be power ranger undies! Her are a few shots of JAE!!!

LOOK, Jennifer does smile, and she does it often. She just does not do it for the camera. To get her to smile there has to be a room full of trained staff to get her going. This is a rare photo of Jennifer smiling and looking at the camera taken by me.

Jennifer and her favorite "pupa". Jennifer and Aggie love each other very much! Jennifer shares all of her food with Aggie no matter how hungry she might be! Jennifer takes a bite then Aggie takes a bite. So adorable!

I was squatting to take pictures and walking like that to keep up with her. This is Jennifer trying to walk while squatting. Yes, that is a light sabor in the background. She was playing with it.

Jennifer is full of personality! She makes us smile all the time. What a great Little Girl. We love you, Jennifer!

Sunday the 12th

These pictures were taken Sunday. The first is of Cullen playing a DS that belongs to a friend after church.

Here is Jennifer preparing her baby pile.

This is Jennifer in her baby pile. This is only a small portion of her BABIES as she refers to them. They are all over the house!

Jennifer likes to do everything her brother does. She is now taking to dressing in her brother's clothes. Notice the socks and belt. Cullen had taken these two items off after church. She found them and did not stop until they were on her.

Our two precious sleepyheads! Nothing sweeter than sleepy little eyes! No, I am serious!!!